Enterprise Architecture Reference Cube

The Enterprise Architecture Reference Cube provides guidance to enterprise architects for concepts used in modeling architecture. The Cube faces represent the dimensions to consider in enterprise architectures – the architectural concepts and their relationships to each other. These relationships are defined between the Cube faces and visually presented in three dimensions. This Cube is the … Read more

Demystifying Enterprise Architecture

Oscar Berg: You might think that it sounds quite pretentious for someone to call oneself Enterprise Architect (at least if you don’t see yourself as one of them). Well, I don’t blame you if you do. The term Enterprise Architect easily leads one’s thoughts to someone who architects an entire enterprise from scratch or who … Read more

A Comparison of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

Lise Urbaczewski and Stevan Mrdalj, 2006: An Enterprise Architecture Framework (EAF) maps all of the software development processes within the enterprise and how they relate and interact to fulfill the enterprise’s mission. It provides organizations with the ability to understand and analyze weaknesses or inconsistencies to be identified and addressed. There are a number of … Read more


The SABSA (Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture) framework has evolved as a “best practice” method for delivering cohesive information security solutions to enterprises. SABSA is a six-layer model covering all four parts of the IT lifecycle: Strategy, Design, Implementation and Management & Operations. SABSA ensures the security needs of your enterprise are met completely and … Read more