The SABSA (Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture) framework has evolved as a “best practice” method for delivering cohesive information security solutions to enterprises. SABSA is a six-layer model covering all four parts of the IT lifecycle: Strategy, Design, Implementation and Management & Operations. SABSA ensures the security needs of your enterprise are met completely and … Read more

Enterprise Architecture Demystified

David Aden, Government Technology: For many agency heads or department managers, any mention of “Enterprise Architecture” (EA) causes emotional reactions ranging from fear to outright antagonism. Often EA has come to mean “yet another IT project and expense which I don’t have time for and from which I won’t see any tangible results.” For others, … Read more

Alignment – the missing Viewpoint

The (ISO Standard) RM-ODP model is a powerful and well reasoned mechanism for creating Architectural descriptions (“architectures”). Leveraging the IEEE-1471 taxonomy, and building out a visual style and standardized approach, there is tremendous value in learning and using this the RM-ODP (Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing), and I’m getting to the point of recommending … Read more

Federal CPIC Forum

Welcome to the Federal CPIC Forum. Founded in 2006, The Federal CPIC Forum is a 501c3 Educational NonProfit Organization (our tax ID number is posted on the members-only site.) The FCPF Charter is to bring together the government Capital Planning community to develop and provide CPIC standards, best practices, access to training and education as … Read more