Cybernetics and Design: Conversations for Action

Dubberly Design Office Projects Clients Concept Maps Models Articles About Contact ddo Cybernetics and Design: Conversations for Action Hugh Dubberly and Paul Pangaro: Working for decades as both theorist and teacher, Ranulph Glanville came to believe that cybernetics and design are two sides of the same coin. Working as both practitioners and teachers, the authors … Read more

EA3 2.0

Prompted by various developments over the last couple of years, including the release of the US Government’s Common Approach to Federal Enteprise Architecture, the International EA Institute has decided to update the EA3 Cube. This work includes: revision of the standard EA3 artifacts revision of metamodel for EA3 develop extensive (fictional) cases and examples much … Read more

2013 EA Summer Schools

Enterprise Architecture Summer Schools The 2013 Nordic EA Summerschools are for students, researchers and practitioners in the field of enterprise architecture, who want to spend a week together and share and learn more about EA. In 2013, two summer schools are arranged: 12-16 August 2013 – Finland 19-23 Aug 2013 – Denmark Reserve the dates! Themes: EA … Read more

EA3 News

Lots of activity around EA3. Last week a course in Belgium, this week one in Copenhagen, and next week one in Nuuk. But there are also updates to EA3 itself. Most notably, the Third Edition of Scott Bernard’s book has been published and is available on Amazon. You can also get a Kindle Edition – currently sold with … Read more

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