Enterprise Architecture As Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution

Enterprise architecture defines a firm’s needs for standardized tasks, job roles, systems, infrastructure, and data in core business processes. Thus, it helps a company to articulate how it will compete in a digital economy and it guides managers’ daily decisions to realize their vision of success. This book clearly explains enterprise architecture’s vital role in … Read more

Architecture Expert (ArchE) Tool

Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute’s Architecture Expert (ArchE) tool is an assistant to the architect. Version 2.1 of ArchE is now available for download. ArchE embodies quality attribute theories, techniques for ascertaining the appropriate quality attribute model from an architectural description, techniques for solving the quality attribute model to determine a predicted response in … Read more

The Economic Benefits of Enterprise Architecture

Most organisations have problems to explain and manage the economic benefits of Enterprise Architecture. Managers often asked me what Enterprise Architecture can do for me. At the same time several Governmental organisations are adopting Enterprise Architecture as part of their change and E-Government initiatives. A holistic Enterprise Architecture approach can deliver a lot of benefits … Read more

Strategic IT Portfolio Management

Strategic IT Portfolio Management delivers a solution to the IT dilemma that has evolved over the past 40 years – namely, how do we get the most value from our IT investment? Author Jeff Kaplan, a lead partner in the Strategic IT Management Practice at consulting firm PRTM, puts nearly two decades of expertise to … Read more

IT Architecture Toolkit

Enterprise IT architecture made practical — finally! There’s only one way to maximize legacy infrastructure while integrating new partners, technologies, applications, and data streams: begin with a coherent enterprise architecture. But most approaches to enterprise architecture have been far too complex and theoretical–until now. IT Architecture Toolkit is a breakthrough: a practical, simple, rapid, and … Read more