Governance of the Extended Enterprise: Bridging Business and IT Strategies

IT is no longer an enabler of corporate strategy, it is now the key element of corporate strategy. Governance of the Extended Enterprise explores how some of the world’s most successful enterprises have integrated information technology with business strategies, culture, and ethics to optimize information value, attain business objectives, and capitalize on technologies in highly … Read more

Lost In Translation

Do you speak business or IT? Perhaps you speak a little of both. In today’s connected world, where business and IT are fused, chances are that if you’re a business or IT executive, or someone working to transform a business, you speak a little of both. But what if there was a third language? A … Read more

Integrating Architectural Models

F. Arbab, F.S. de Boer, M. Bonsangue, and M.M. Lankhorst. In: Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures, Nr: 1, Vol: 2, Pages: 40-57, January, 2007. The diversity of architectural models in enterprise architecture is a problem for their integration. In this paper we distinguish three kinds of models from each other and their visualization, and … Read more