The Integrated Enterprise

Christopher B. Emery and Frank Armour: A primer on weaving EA and systems development into an investment management framework. An enterprise architecture can provide significant benefits to an organization that embraces it. But many fail to tightly couple and integrate EA efforts with other enterprise programs, particularly investment management and systems development. To be successful, … Read more

The Integrated Enterprise: Enterprise Architecture, Investment Process and System Development

The enterprise architecture provides benefits to the organization that utilizes it. However, if the enterprise architecture is not tightly coupled with other enterprise level programs such as investment management and system development process, its overall effectiveness is compromised. This paper will identify the process integration and enterprise architecture touchpoints from the perspective of the investment … Read more

An Overview of Enterprise Architecture Framework Deliverables

Frank Goethals, SAP: A number of enterprise architecture frameworks do exist. In this paper, we differentiate between two classes of frameworks: classic enterprise architecture frameworks, and federated enterprise architecture frameworks. From each class, a number of reputable frameworks are presented. Conclusions are made concerning what these frameworks learn us for setting up an Extended Enterprise … Read more

Telelogic Announces Capgemini Framework Support

Telelogic System Architect Is First to be Awarded Preliminary Certification by Capgemini for Support of its Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF). Press Release 12 March 2008. Telelogic (STO:TLOG) today announced that Capgemini, one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, has awarded Telelogic System Architect preliminary certification for support of the Capgemini … Read more