Build a Reuse Framework for SOA

Service oriented architecture (SOA) is touted by many as the key to code reuse, which, practically speaking, is easier said than done, according to experts. The idea is that you get cost reductions with code reuse, but even enthusiasts agree that it won’t happen without careful planning. The topic was a popular one at the Open Group’s Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference, held in San Francisco at the end of January. At the event, Srikanth Inaganti, a lead consultant with Wipro Technologies, spoke in a session on building a reuse framework for SOA. He has spent the last two and a half years at a client site, working on promoting reuse across divisions. So he speaks from the trenches. And he’s part of the Wipro team that’s developing SOA frameworks and consulting toolkits. In this presentation, Inaganti discussed the importance of reuse in the context of SOA transformation, issues involved in promoting a reuse culture inside the enterprise and what he modestly referred to as “tentative solutions.”

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Date added: 10/16/2008


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