Enterprise Architecture: TOGAF Certification

Dave Oliver: Recently I attended a TOGAF certification course up in merry old London town run by Architecting the Enterprise (AtE). My certification should show up in the list of other 5000 odd architects that have passed in the next few weeks. So what is TOGAF in a nutshell? Well it’s a very generic architecture framework that helps build, in a non-prescriptive way, how to develop parts of an Enterprise Architecture capability. Notice the caveats, ‘very generic’, ‘non-prescriptive’, ‘develop parts’. What am saying is that if you want an idiots guide to implementing Enterprise Architecture in your organisation, this is not it and forget that quest because it doesn’t exist! TOGAF sits a few levels above; it is the high-level plan that on specific subjects delves a little deeper with advice, guidance and best practice.

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Date added: 04/19/2008

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