Leveraging Governance to Sustain Enterprise Architecture Efforts

An Oracle White Paper on Enterprise Architecture. July 2012: Anecdotally, most Enterprise Architecture (EA) professionals probably rose through IT ranks in their careers. And most IT professionals like to experiment and work with computer-based technology. They like to solve problems and make things better. Whether its building the Linux kernel or writing Java code, there is a thrill with making something work. Setting up rules, procedures, and processes to regulate such activities can be counter intuitive for some individuals. They might feel constrained and even have their very agility jeopardized when delivering a solution. This paper will discuss a number of technologies and technology-related phenomena being introduced to corporations. For each, sample issues and questions will be addressed. The paper concludes with a discussion of the attributes of a quality EA program and how to instill a holistic, governance-driven technology/capability adoption process.

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Date added: 08/09/2012

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