Perl OpenID and Yadis libraries

A perl module for verifying OpenID identities. This library is a port of the Python OpenID library, and features: Easy-to-use API, Does not depend on underlying web framework, Extensive documentaion, Ready-to-use store implementation, Test suite, and Licensed under the LGPL. The Perl OpenID 1.1 library and the Perl Yadis 1.0 library are documented, tested, and ready for action. Perl OpenID 1.1 features the new JanRain API, fully extension-capable and yadis-enabled, it also includes a cgi consumer example. Perl Yadis 1.0 allows you to write filter functions to more easily extract the data from the service elements, and is now POD-documented. You can get a combined tarball here. Enjoy!

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Date added: 02/25/2007


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