The Double Game of Digital Strategy

This is the first in a series of articles on setting and executing digital strategies with speed, foresight, and savvy. Digital is often compared to electricity. Both are pervasive, and each has been a fuel for broad-based economic transformation. But the comparison is misleading. Todays production, distribution, and uses of electricity, in spite of significant improvements in efficiency, would be familiar to Tesla and Westinghouse. By contrast, the possibilities and economics of digital – driven by sustained exponential trends like Moores law for processing power and its various derivatives for bandwidth, storage, and more – are constantly changing, enabling new moves and sparking the transformation of industries. As a result, digital strategies need to continually adapt to and seize new opportunities. Executives have to play a double game: making the most out of todays contests while positioning themselves to win in tomorrows.

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Date added: 10/25/2015


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