Top 8 SOA Adoption Pitfalls

Many SOA initiatives were launched this year, each with its own set of goals and expectations. Some failed miserably, while others failed just a little. For many, the determining factor in fulfilling their original objectives was drawing upon the experience of those who had already survived projects with less fortunate results. These individuals lived to tell their stories and warn others of what lies ahead along the path toward SOA. In our line of work we get pulled into various projects at different stages of completion. We’ve seen good SOA go bad and bad SOA get even worse. Problems can be fixed and mistakes can be undone, but of course there is always an impact to getting things back on the right track. The best course of action is, obviously, avoiding problems and mistakes in the first place. Understanding the pitfalls others have fallen victim to, puts you in a position from which you can form the extent of foresight required to chart a safer route down your own SOA roadmap. To help you get a head start, we have collected the eight most common SOA adoption pitfalls of 2005.

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Date added: 07/19/2006

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