Value-based IT ALignment (VITAL)

The VITAL project investigates the problem of aligning the services offered by networked ICT with the requirements of networked businesses. In businesses of any significant size, business-ICT alignment is a hard problem, which is currently not solved completely. With the advent of network organizations, the problem gets a new dimension, because in a network, there is not a single decision point about ICT support and different actors in a network may have conflicting requirements. Networks exist when different businesses decide to cooperate by means of ICT networks, but they also exist in large corporations, which often consist of nearly independent business units. In VITAL, we investigate an economic value-based approach to alignment in networked businesses. The project consists of three parts. All three parts build upon work in value-based requirements engineering and on ICT architecture design research done in the GRAAL program.

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Date added: 09/04/2006

Enterprise Architecture   

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