XML Content Management: Where to Start?

I want to talk about XML content management. I have spent a good part of my career trying to use, design, implement, and otherwise bend content management systems of various types to my will. It has not, for the most part, been fun or pretty. I’ve also watched a number of clients dig themselves into very deep holes using various tools that I knew were at best suboptimal, if not downright counterproductive. I’ve thought very deeply over the years about how to manage systems of hyperdocuments through complex development cycles and I (with my collegues) implemented a system that in fact did what we felt a system needed to do in the way we thought it should do it, only to have that software put on a shelf and tied up in intractable IP webs as a side effect of the sale by DataChannel of ISOGEN to Innodata. Doh.

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Date added: 07/20/2006

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