An Explanatory Study on the Co-evolutionary Mechanisms of Business IT Alignment

Fabrizio Amarilli, Mario van Vliet, Bart Van den Hooff: Business IT Alignment is considered an enduring topic in academic and practitioners’ literature. The interest in the subject is justified by the link, demonstrated by several studies, between alignment and corporate performances. However, alignment research has not yet been translated into practices, theoretically demonstrated in literature … Read more

Understanding IT Alignment Paradox: A Three-Way Interaction of Intellectual Alignment, Social Alignment, and Environmental Dynamism

Jingmei Zhou, Yulin Fang, Pengfei Zhao: IT alignment is generally considered to be an enabler of firm performance. However, the previous literature has found that IT alignment has no or even a negative effect on firm performance, suggesting an alignment paradox. This study aims to address this paradox by focusing on the examination of how … Read more

Enterprise Modeling for Business and IT Alignment – a Framework and Recommendations

Julia Kaidalova, Ulf Seigerroth, Anne Persson: Eliminating the gap between business and IT within an enterprise, i.e., solving the problem of Business and IT Alignment (BITA), requires an instrument for the multidimensional analysis of an enterprise. Enterprise Modeling (EM) is a practice that supports such analysis and therefore can be used to facilitate BITA. EM … Read more

Beyond Business-IT Alignment – Digital Business Strategies as a Paradigmatic Shift: A Review and Research Agenda

Cathrin Kahre, David Hoffmann, Frederik Ahlemann: Since the 1990s, business-IT alignment has been considered the appropriate organizational frame for business and IT strategies. Thereafter, with the rising importance of innovative digital technologies for performance and competitiveness, the concept of digital business strategies (DBS) emerged. The fusion of business and IT strategies is presumed to account … Read more

Virtual Decoupling for IT/Business Alignment – Conceptual Foundations, Architecture Design and Implementation Example

Stephan Aier and Robert Winter: IT/business alignment is one of the main topics of information systems research. If IT artifacts and business-related artifacts are coupled point-to-point, however, complex architectures become unmanageable over time. In computer science, concepts like the ANSI/SPARC three-level database architecture propose an architecture layer which decouples external views on data and the … Read more