A Systematic Review of Business-IT Alignment Research with Enterprise Architecture

Mengmeng Zhang, Honghui Chen, Aimin Luo: Because of the dynamic environments of business and IT, achieving any alignment between the two fields has become challenging. In view of its multiple viewpoints and artifacts, the discipline of Enterprise Architecture (EA) is often regarded as an effective methodology to deal with BITA issues, and thus has attracted … Read more

Enterprise Architecture: Enabling Integration, Agility and Change

Jan A.P. Hoogervorst: Three core imperatives are essential for modern businesses and organizations: seamless integration of customer and operational processes, agility, and the ability to change. These imperatives are relevant in view of successfully executing strategic choices, but all too often not satisfied. Businesses and organizations are complex adaptive socio-technical systems and can be viewed … Read more

In the Age of Digital Disruption, the Role of Enterprise Architect is Pivotal

Shailesh Joshi: Multi-faceted. Dynamic. Experienced. These are just some of characteristics of an enterprise architect. In the age of digital transformation, enterprise architects help bridge the divide between IT and the business. They help organizations align IT strategy, technology and processes with broader business goals, with the ultimate objective of creating more agility and flexibility … Read more

Ecosystem-inspired enterprise modelling framework for collaborative and networked manufacturing systems

Amjad Fayoumi: Rapid changes in the open manufacturing environment are imminent due to the increase of customer demand, global competition, and digital fusion. This has exponentially increased both complexity and uncertainty in the manufacturing landscape, creating serious challenges for competitive enterprises. For enterprises to remain competitive, analysing manufacturing activities and designing systems to address emergent … Read more

Responding to Enterprise Architecture Initiatives: Loyalty, Voice and Exit

Lena Hylving, Bendik Bygstad: Many large organizations have on-going Enterprise Architecture initiatives. Key aims include achieving more organizational agility, and to tidy up a messy portfolio of IT silo systems. A holistic approach to IT architecture has been an accepted strategy, but the results of these initiatives have been variable. An under-researched aspect is how … Read more