Enterprise Architecture beyond the Enterprise – Extended Enterprise Architecture Revisited

Torben Tambo: As the most enterprises are relying on relations to other enterprises, it is relevant to consider enterprise architecture for inter-organisational relations particularly those relations involving technology. This has been conceptualised as Extended Enterprise Architecture, and a systematic review of this discipline is the topic of this paper. This paper is taking a point … Read more

The Quest for Underpinning Theory of Enterprise Architecture – General Systems Theory

Nestori Syynimaa: Enterprise architecture originates from the 1980’s. It emerged among ICT practitioners to solve complex problems related to information systems. Currently EA is also utilised to solve business problems, although the focus is still in ICT and its alignment with business. EA can be defined as a description of the current and future states … Read more

Towards a National Enterprise Architecture Framework in Iran

Fereidoon Shams, Reza Bagheriasl, Amir Mahjoorian, Maziar Mobasheri, Faezeh Hoseini, Delaram Golpayegani: National Enterprise Architecture (EA) is regarded as a catalyst for achieving e-government goals and many countries have given priority to it in developing their e-government plans. Designing a national EA framework which fits the government’s specific needs facilitates EA planning and implementation for … Read more

An AHP-based approach toward enterprise architecture analysis based on enterprise architecture quality attributes

Mahsa Razavi, Fereidoon Shams, Kambiz Badie: Enterprise Architecture (EA) as a discipline that manages large amount of models and information about different aspects of the enterprise, can support decision making on enterprise-wide issues. In order to provide such support, EA information should be amenable to analysis of various utilities and quality attributes. In this regard, … Read more

An investigation into applying UML to the Zachman framework

Ali Fatolahi, Fereidoon Shams: The Zachman framework is considered to be the most referenced framework for the purpose of enterprise architecture. It is commonplace to compare other frameworks with this basic one in order to show correctness and usability of those frameworks. However, this is more than a fashion, the Zachman framework is actually the … Read more

A Synthesis of Enterprise Architecture Effectiveness Constructs

Siyanda Nkundla-Mgudlwa, Jan C. Mentz: Companies throughout the world use Enterprise Architecture (EA) because of benefits such as the alignment of business to Information Technology (IT), centralisation of decision making and cost reductions due to standardisation of business processes and business systems. Even though EA offers organisational benefits, EA projects are reported as being costly, … Read more