Business Cloudification – An Enterprise Architecture Perspective

Ovidiu Noran and Peter Bernus: Cloud computing is emerging as a promising enabler of some aspects of the ‘agile’ and ‘lean’ features that businesses need to display in today’s hyper-competitive and disruptive global economic ecosystem. However, it is increasingly obvious that there are essential prerequisites and caveats to cloudification that businesses need to be aware … Read more

Understanding the Benefits and Success Factors of Enterprise Architecture

Muhammad Baharudin Jusuf and Sherah Kurnia: Enterprise Architecture (EA) is considered as a solution to reduce IT implementation failure, improve profitability and enhance business-IT alignment within organizations. However, explanations and evidence of EA benefits and success factors in the existing literature are still limited. Therefore, this study aims to explore how EA creates value to … Read more

An Application of Semantic Techniques to the Analysis of Enterprise Architecture Models

Gonçalo Antunes, Artur Caetano, José Borbinha : Enterprise architecture (EA) model analysis can be defined as the application of property assessment criteria to EA models. Ontologies can be used to represent conceptual models, allowing the application of computational inference to derive logical conclusions from the facts present in the models. As the actual common EA … Read more

Institutionalization of Contested Practices: A Case of Enterprise Architecture Implementation in a US State Government

Q. Neo Bui and Matt Levy: Information Systems (IS) practices are often ‘institutionally contested’ when introduced into organizations. They run counter to the status quo and disrupt organizational stability. Furthermore, they contravene the normative, regulatory, and cultural-cognitive legitimacy in existing institutionalized processes. This research explores contested practices, examining the struggles and techniques IS organizations use … Read more

Enterprise Architecture Planning: Analyses of Requirements from Practice and Research

Emmanuel Nowakowski, Matthias Farwick, Thomas Trojer, Martin Häusler, Johannes Kessler, Ruth Breu: Enterprise architecture management (EAM) has become an increasingly important topic in practice due to the growing complexity of organizations and their underlying IT. While there is a strong interest in Enterprise Architecture (EA) modeling, evaluation, and frameworks, a lack of knowledge remains in … Read more