How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Companies

Michael E. Porter, James E. Heppelmann: The evolution of products into intelligent, connected devices is revolutionizing business. In a November 2014 article, How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Competition, Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter and PTC president and CEO James Heppelmann looked at how this shift is changing the structure of industries and forcing … Read more

The Framework of Business Model in the Context of Industrial Internet of Things

Sylwia Gierej: The purpose of this article is an attempt to develop the concept of a business model dedicated to companies implementing technologies of the Industrial Internet of Things. The proposed concept has been developed to support traditional companies in the transition to the digital market. The study was based on the available literature on … Read more

Creating Modern, Open Enterprise Architectures in the IIoT Age – Part One

Craig Resnick: The concept of an open enterprise architecture that links plant floor operations with business operations across an entire corporate entity has been around for a while in many industrial sectors. But making this concept a reality remains challenging. This is particularly true for those companies that lack huge IT staffs or budgets. IIoT, … Read more

IIoT for Smart Manufacturing – Industrial IoT/Industrie 4.0 Viewpoints

Shi-Wan Lin: IIoT and Smart manufacturing – a twin-movement of digitalization: The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and smart manufacturing are two parallel developments driven by the same core technology advances – the ubiquitous connectedness and widespread computation – that drive and are driven by the internet, and the seamless information sharing and optimal decision-making … Read more