A Modelling Technique for Enterprise Agility

Balbir Barn    Faisal Aqlan    Joshua Chibuike Nwokeji    Tony Clark    Vinay Kulkarni   

Enterprise agility, i .e., the ability of enterprises to respond to changes, is a core imperative for effective change management. It can improve operational efficiency as well as support resource optimization. Yet, it is challenging and a major concern for corporate executives. To facilitate agility, it can be useful to design modeling constructs for representing changes. Such modeling constructs can help stakeholders to represent and better understand change concepts. This research contributes by extending existing enterprise modeling approaches with new modeling constructs for representing concepts of change. These modeling constructs are integrated into a conceptual model. To demonstrate utility, we apply this meta-model to represent a real-world case study and discuss some lessons learned in this process. One major challenge faced by

Published in 2018

Publisher: Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

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Date added: 01/28/2018

Enterprise Architecture   

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