Business architecture reference model (BARM) for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

Seyran Ghahramany Dehbokry: PhD thesis. As Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) compete in a dynamic ecosystem of firms, their businesses continuously face the challenge of creating sustained value by managing socio-technical resources/capabilities and aligning them with changing market needs. Accelerating technological changes, rapidly changing market demands and growing globalized collaborative ecosystem of organisations, in addition … Read more

Business Model Innovation: From Understanding the Process to Tracking the Change

Sergejs Groskovs: This doctoral dissertation (PhD thesis) builds a conceptual understanding of the process of business model innovation in established firms and proceeds to address the question of how changes in the business model can be tracked. In the pragmatist scientific tradition, each of the four papers included is warranted by a practical problem and … Read more

The Cambridge Business Model Innovation Process

Martin Geissdoerfer, Paulo Savaget, Steve Evans: Organisations increasingly understand that meeting their sustainability ambitions does not only require new technologies, but innovation on the business model level. To facilitate the design of more sustainable business models, a range of new tools and techniques have been developed. While this resulted in the design of a wide … Read more

Business model stress testing: A practical approach to test the robustness of a business model

Timber Haaker, Harry Bouwman, Wil Janssen, Mark de Reuver: Business models and business model innovation are increasingly gaining attention in practice as well as in academic literature. However, the robustness of business models (BM) is seldom tested vis-à-vis the fast and unpredictable changes in digital technologies, regulation and markets. The evaluation of the robustness of … Read more

The Framework of Business Model in the Context of Industrial Internet of Things

Sylwia Gierej: The purpose of this article is an attempt to develop the concept of a business model dedicated to companies implementing technologies of the Industrial Internet of Things. The proposed concept has been developed to support traditional companies in the transition to the digital market. The study was based on the available literature on … Read more