Enterprise Architecture for The Sensing Enterprise: A Research Framework

Erda Guslinar    Husni Sastra MihardjaIping    SuprianaIping Supriana   

Internet of Things (IoT) will change many things, open up opportunities and enabling something that was not possible before. IoT provides sensing capability so that enterprise has better global context awareness. This is the Sensing Enterprise, an enterprise that obtains multidimensional information from physical or virtual objects in a connected environment. This sensing capability is expected to increase the capacity and capability of the enterprise in responding to sustainability challenges. This paper proposes a research framework as an alternative guide for researchers to produce various artifacts or theories to realize The Sensing Enterprise for sustainability achievement. The method used in developing the framework is modification/adaptation of transdisciplinary research model and information system research model. This framework has three main area consist of scientific base, enterprise architecture research process and sustainability achievement.

Published in 2018

Publisher: 2018 6th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology (ICoICT)

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Date added: 07/29/2018

Enterprise Architecture    Internet of Things   

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