Enterprise Thinking for Self-aware Systems

Ovidiu Noran    Pat Turner    Peter Bernus   

The paper aims to provide high-level guidance for architects of cyber-physical enterprises such that the nature of interactions within it as a system can be largely self-determined based on system self awareness and dynamic self-configuration, and a set of foundational guiding principles, rather than being pre-defined by an external designer or architect. The paper investigates the suitability of typical development life cycles and architectural challenges in the context of dynamic cyber-physical systems intending to utilize the power of the Internet of Things, and then goes on to define desired attributes of such systems, which need to guide suitable core architectural choices. Application of the findings is exemplified through a case study, followed by synthesis of issues and implications for further research.

Published in 2018

Publisher: IFAC Proceedings Volumes

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Date added: 07/10/2018

Enterprise Architecture    Fourth Industrial Revolution   

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