Generic EA Analysis Framework for the Definition and Automatic Execution of Analyses

Bernhard Bauer    Melanie Langermeier   

Analysis is an essential part in the Enterprise Architecture Management lifecycle. An in-depth consideration of the architecture obtains its strengths and weaknesses. This provides a sound foundation for the future evolution of the architecture as well as for decision-making regarding new projects. Current literature provides a large number of different analysis approaches, targeting different goals and utilizing different techniques. To provide a common interface to analysis activities we studied the corresponding literature in previous research. Based on these results we develop a language for the definition of EA analyses as well as an execution environment for their evaluation. To cope with the high variety of meta models in the EA domain, the framework provides a uniform and tool independent access to analysis activities. Additionally it can be used to provide an EA analysis library, where the architect is able to select predefined analyses according to his specific requirements.

Published in 2017

Publisher: Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems

Open Access Link

DOI: 10.5220/0006379003160327


Date added: 12/10/2017

Enterprise Architecture   

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