Use of enterprise architectures in managing strategic change

Philip W. Veasey   

This article discusses the benefits of applying structured, holistic analysis to human enterprises. It describes the Axum framework for enterprise architecture which the author developed as a tool for managing strategic change. This has been used successfully in many varied organisations such as civil service, Web?based betting and even a major political party. It explains how the framework evolved out of earlier work on bussiness process reengineering to provide a more holistic approach in which process is set in the context of all other things that must be managed for successful change. The application of the framework in complex diversified enterprises is also explained and illustrations from the experience of the author are given.

Published in 2001

Publisher: Business Process Management Journa

Open Access Link

DOI: 10.1108/14637150110406803


Date added: 08/02/2018

Enterprise Architecture   

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