An Introduction to Cybernetics

W. Ross Ashby   

Cybernetics is here defined as “the science of control and communication, in the animal and the machine”-in a word, as the art of steersmanship; and this book will interest all who are interested in cybernetics, communication theory and methods for regulation and control. W. Ross Ashby (1903-1972) was an English psychiatrist and a pioneer in cybernetics, the study of complex systems. His two books, “Design for a Brain” and “An Introduction to Cybernetics,” were landmark works. They introduced exact and logical thinking into the nascent discipline and were highly influential. Contents include: What is new — Change — The Determinate Machine — The Machine with Input — Stability — The Black Box — Quantity of Variety — Transmission of Variety — Incessant Transmission — Regulation in Biological Systems — Requisite Variety — The Error-controlled Regulator — Regulating the Very Large System — Amplifying Regulation

Published in 1956


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ISBN: 978-1614277651

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