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The Changing Role of the Enterprise Architect

Paper accepted for TEAR 2013 – 8th Trends in Enterprise Architecture Research Workshop, in conjunction with the 17th IEEE International  Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC 2013). Reference: Gøtze, J., 2013, The Changing Role of the Enterprise … Read more

The Frugal Enterprise Architect

In the last three years we have seen a significant focus placed on the practice of enterprise architecture, its importance to the strategic forward momentum of an organization, and the need to master the methodology, mechanics, and traceable metrics attached to the program. With books, magazine articles, and white papers highlighting the need to properly structure and invest appropriately in enterprise architecture, fledgling programs with modest budgets struggle to apply these broad but often considered „best practice‟ recommendations. Depending on corporate culture and tolerance for organizational change, senior management teams may be the toughest to convince of the value of a newer enterprise architecture program when, from their perspective, the wheels of the organization have turned smoothly for years. Lead architects with limited program budgets will need to be creative and extremely careful in their approach to developing an enterprise architecture program, but there are ways to achieve success as a frugal enterprise architect.

The Profession of Enterprise Architect

This study presents a general review and comparison of the emerging profession of the enterprise architect and the established profession of the traditional architect. This study is intended to establish a context for further research and publication on enterprise architecture as a profession and the applicable lessons from traditional architecture. Additionally, the findings suggest that the profession of the enterprise architect may be an extension of the roles of a traditional architect and the likenesses of each profession are noted.