Volume 4


The Enterprise Architecture Reference Cube

This article presents the “Enterprise Architecture Reference Cube” which provides guidance to enterprise architects for concepts used in modeling architecture. The Cube faces represent the dimensions to consider in enterprise architectures – the architectural concepts and their relationships to each other. These relationships are defined between the Cube faces and visually presented in three dimensions. A generic process, using the Cube, is provided for developing Enterprise Architectural artifacts. This process guides the developer of the EA in which products should be used in documenting the EA. The development of the EA Reference Cube is the result of the work of the INCOSE ISO/TC184/SC5 liaison team to update the ISO 15704:2000 standard.

Which Comes First, Strategy or Architecture?

This article discusses the “chicken or the egg” dilemma between business strategy and enterprise architecture. Presenting the use of strategy as an influencer in determining the enterprise architecture approach, the article progresses by discussing how enterprise architecture may be used to execute strategy and inform the strategic management process. For every enterprise architect working within either the public or private sector, strategic alignment of the enterprise architecture approach should be made as important a priority as the strategic alignment of the enterprise architecture artifacts themselves. In this article, we stand on the premise that an organization’s strategic foundation should serve as the guiding principle for all business management disciplines including the development and maintenance of enterprise architecture. However, we also make painstakingly clear that effective strategy formulation and execution cannot occur without a reliable and actionable enterprise architecture.