All the Reasons Why You Can’t Do Architecture or (We Has Met the Enemy and He Is Us)

John A. Zachman   

I recently received a note from a friend of mine who was valiantly trying to initiate some architectural activity in a very large enterprise within a very important industry sector. The note outlined all of the objections to doing architecture that my friend was encountering. The note is not significant because of one particular enterprise, nor of one particular industry. The note is significant because these are the kind of objections I hear day after day from many enterprises in many industries and the objections are coming from IT, not the Enterprise! I have copied the objections almost verbatim below. Here is his intro: Dear John – By the way – I am getting some pretty significant pushback from the IT leaders. They do not want to do architecture (i.e. create models) for the business!

Published in 2000


Date added: 08/02/2018

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