Architecture Artifacts versus Application Development Artifacts

John A. Zachman   

All of a sudden, I have been encountering a lot of confusion between Enterprise Architecture and classic Application Development Work Products, probably because the stark reality of the Information Age is upon us! There are likely several reasons for the confusion. One thing is, historically, in the Industrial Age, we have not been very precise about the definition of Enterprise Architecture. To some people, Architecture is simply a high level description (model) of the system to be built. To others, Architecture is conceptual or logical as opposed to physical. To others, Architecture is requirements and to others, Architecture is simply principles. Probably the most confusing factor is that some of the work products (models) themselves that may be produced over the process of building traditional applications systems may actually look like architectural representations and it is hard to tell the difference.

Published in 2000


Date added: 08/02/2018

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