Fatal Distractions

John A. Zachman   

I am discovering four corruptions of architectural principles being inadvertently executed by well-meaning folks, who are thinking they are doing Enterprise Architecture, using the Zachman Framework, but that inevitably will lead them unsuspectingly into a cataclysmic disaster. First, they are renaming the Rows or Columns of the Framework in an effort to accommodate the current inventory of artifacts created during the Industrial Age. Second, they are taking model-based approaches to implementations and presuming that the models constitute the Enterprise Architecture. Third, they are integrating Frameworks by a process of aggregation. Fourth, they are separating the services of the Enterprise from the Enterprise on the basis that the Service is the equivalent of a Product. Each of the above is a kind-of Architectural malapropism. They all sound like Architecture but they actually are not Architecture and invariably will result in the classic Silver Bullet syndrome: The Zachman Framework? Well, we tried that and that didn’t work!! Or, even worse, Enterprise Architecture? Well, we tried that and that didn’t work!! Then it will be a decade or more before that Enterprise will be able to re-address this incredibly critical issue so vital to its survival in the Information Age. These are the Fatal Distractions!

Published in 2001




Date added: 08/02/2018

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