MIT expert recaps 30-plus years of enterprise architecture

Business design researcher Jeanne Ross breaks down why some companies succeed — and many others fail — in their quest for digital transformation.

Source: MIT expert recaps 30-plus years of enterprise architecture

Over the course of three decades, Jeanne Ross built a reputation as a leading organizational theorist who connects viscerally with senior technology executives and the challenges they face. At the MIT Center for Information Systems Research, Ross developed a career-defining passion for enterprise architecture, a strategy she defines as “designing your people, processes, and technology so that you can meet customers’ expectations and offer new digital offerings that solve their problems.” Known also for her research on IT governance and digital design, Ross focused most recently on how companies formulate and execute business strategies around digital technologies — social, mobile, analytics, cloud, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. In a video conversation with CISR chairman Peter Weill, her longtime collaborator and co-author, Ross reflected on her career as she retires from MIT and shared some of her hard-won wisdom.

Published in 2020


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Date added: 10/17/2020

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