The Framework for Enterprise Architecture (The Zachman Framework) and the search for The Owner’s View of Business Rules

John A. Zachman   

The question has been asked, is the Zachman Framework designed to sell Business Rules? In fact, the Zachman Framework is not designed to sell anything. It is simply a classification scheme for descriptive representations of complex objects. Actually, it is a classification scheme for descriptive representations of anything, subjects or objects. In fact, it hypothesizes some descriptive representations of subjects or objects where no empirical precedent exists, much like the periodic table hypothesized chemical elements that had not yet been discovered. In a similar fashion, the Zachman Framework suggests that there is a set of models (specifically, Column 6 models) that are relevant for describing the motivation of the enterprise among which it is reasonable to expect that we would find Business Rules as at least part of the description.

Published in 1998


Date added: 08/02/2018

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