The Enterprise and its Architecture: Ontology and Challenges

John A. Zachman    Leon A. Kappelman   

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a set of concepts and practices based on holistic systems thinking, principles of shared language, and the long-standing disciplines of engineering and architecture. EA represents a change in how we think about and manage information technologies (ITs) and the organizations they serve. Many existing organizational activities are EA-type activities, but done in isolation, by different groups, using different tools, models, and vernaculars. EA is about bridging the chasms among these activities, from strategy to operations, and better aligning, integrating, optimizing, and synergizing the whole organization. This article: (1) posits that EA is about the architecture of the entire enterprise including its ITs

Published in 2013

Publisher: Journal of Computer Information Systems

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DOI: 10.1080/08874417.2013.11645654


Date added: 08/13/2017

Enterprise Architecture   

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