From Business Strategy to IT Action: Right Decisions for a Better Bottom Line

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Bill Walton    Robert J. Benson    Tom Bugnitz   

From Business Strategy to IT Action gives companies of all sizes the tools to effectively link IT to business strategy and produce effective, actionable strategies for bottom-line results. The authors present CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and IT managers with a powerful and accessible resource packed with such useful material as the Strategy-to-Bottom-Line Value Chain, which integrates the management practices relating to planning, prioritization, alignment, and assessing a company’s entire IT budget; methods for using IT Impact Management to establish IT culture and performance models for the business/IT connection; the IT Improvement Zone, which quickly identifies where a company can focus its energies for maximum results, etc.

Published in 2004

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 471491918

Date added: 10/29/2012

Enterprise Architecture    IT Governance    Strategy