EA3 Cube


EA3 and Common Approach artifacts

EA3 version 2.0 is fully compliant with the Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture and the FEAF-II artifacts.  EA3 2.0 Common Approach S-1 Concept Overview Concept Overview S-2 Strategic Plan Strategic Plan S-3 Concept of Operations … Read more

Continuity of Operations Plan

EA3 artifact SP-6: Continuity of Operations Plan The Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) uses a standard format for describing where all or part of the enterprise will relocate to if the normal operating location cannot be … Read more

Disaster Recovery Plan

EA3 artifact SP-5: Disaster Recovery Plan The Disaster Recovery Plan is an assessment matrix and set of procedures to handle outages in various business and/or technology capabilities that do not require the enterprise to relocate its … Read more

Continuous Monitoring Procedures

EA3 artifact SP-4: Continuous Monitoring Procedures Continuous monitoring is the process and technology used to detect compliance and risk issues associated with an organization’s financial and operational environment. Three operational disciplines: Continuous Audit Continuous Controls Monitoring … Read more

Certification & Accreditation

EA3 artifact SP-3: Certification & Accreditation Documentation The System Accreditation Document uses a standard format for evaluating the security status of information systems throughout the enterprise.  There are a number of parts to a system security … Read more

Security and Privacy Plan

EA3 artifact SP-2: Security Plan The Security Plan provides both high-level and detailed descriptions of the security program that is in effect throughout the enterprise.  This includes physical, data, personnel, and operational security elements and procedures. … Read more