Issue 2


Book Review: Intersection

Milan Guenther: Intersection: How Enterprise Design Bridges the Gap Between Business, Technology, and People, Published by Morgan Kaufmann (2012) ISBN 978-0123884350 (330 pages). Review by Peter Sjølin The book “Intersection” by Milan Guenther is a fantastic … Read more

Towards Enterprise Architecture-Infused Organizations

Bjorn Cumps, Stijn Viaene, Pascal Dussart, and Joachim Vanden Brande Abstract In this article, which is based on case-study research involving 13 organizations, we focus on two specific research questions: (how) are Enterprise Architecture (EA) … Read more

Architect in the Spotlight

Chris Bird PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF I have been a practicing architect almost since the 1980s. Not always as an Enterprise Architect. Sometimes – as now – a Solutions Architect. I have been very heavily influenced … Read more