Enablers and Challenges in Using Enterprise Architecture Concepts to Drive Transformation: Perspectives from Private Organizations and Federal Government Agencies

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Tamrat Asfaw, Abiodun Bada, Frank Allari


Federal Agencies and Private companies have many strategic initiatives they pursue in order to realize their visions. Due to the complexity of these initiatives, there is a growing need for research on how enterprise architects and leaders should go about leading modernization and transformational programs while executing strategic initiatives. Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides a foundation for high-performing organizations in driving transformation. However, little is said in the literature about how to do this. This article primarily examines the use of enterprise architecture concepts in transformational initiatives and captured the top key enablers, and challenges identified by transformational teams in both the private and federal government sectors by conducting a combination of interviews, surveys and review of documentation. Analysis of empirical data identified key enablers and challenges organizations face when using EA concepts in transformation. These are further classified under three categories: communications, process, and management support and structure. Based on the outcome, we provide a list of suggestions to consider before undertaking transformational initiatives using enterprise architecture. Finally, we conclude with a discussion of similarities and differences in enablers and challenges between federal government and private sectors which provide additional insight for transformational teams.

Journal of Enterprise Architecture

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