Enterprise Architecture and Information Technology Acquisition Management

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Russell S. Boyd and Samantha Geiger


This case study presents an example of how one federal agency was able to utilize its enterprise architecture (EA) throughout an information technology (IT) investment‟s acquisition lifecycle; and describes how EA and IT acquisition management (ITAM) were integrated to positively influence and enhance the IT program‟s acquisition strategy. Once the agency determined the relationship between EA and ITAM, it was able to improve mission performance by utilizing relevant and mature data and relationships captured in the EA items. Because these EA items were provided to agency executives and stakeholders at specific times throughout the acquisition lifecycle, they made more informed decisions regarding resources and investments, thus resulting in more streamlined processes and more efficient buying power. EA delivered choices on actions and laid out the impacts so that actions could be weighed and measured. Success translated into dollars through eliminated purchases, redeployment, compliance to standards, tactical optimization for the strategic direction, and much more.

Journal of Enterprise Architecture

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