Establishing Enterprise Architecture at WA Police

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Anthony Rees


Western Australia Police provide law enforcement services to the largest geographical Police jurisdiction in the world. While some of the cultural and physical aspects of this jurisdiction are unique, the challenge of maximizing ICT investment and working effectively with partners to achieve the highest possible quality of service delivery is common to most government and private enterprises. This article shares the approach undertaken by WA Police to establish an Enterprise Architecture (EA) capability, covering three topics and key learnings of each: Establishing Enterprise Architecture – Discussion includes: a layered sourcing model that has been used to delineate service provider contracts; the structure and responsibilities of the team; establishment of governance structures for review and approval of EA deliverables; the adaptation of TOGAF to suit the needs of WA Police;Connecting with Business Units – A description of the business of policing and the importance of this knowledge within the EA Office; includes the approach taken to communicate architecture directions; Connecting with Partners – Who are our partners and what is the approach taken to identify opportunities to share information more freely? This includes examples of previously successful business-led change and opportunities that have been identified but remain to be completed. The article is based on a presentation given to the inaugural Asia Pacific Government Enterprise Architecture Summit in Adelaide 2010, sponsored by the Government of South Australia.

Journal of Enterprise Architecture

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