Integrating an Enterprise Architecture Using Domain Clustering

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Stephan Aier and Marten Schonherr


Enterprise Architecture (EA) in the context of enterprise engineering addresses aspects of developing, improving and integrating organizations. The article introduces an approach to EA proposing Integration Concepts (IC) to reconcile changing business process requirements and information systems. Being process-driven and supporting integration issues the chosen IC is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Therefore the contribution aims at developing a methodology to support service engineering by defining architectural domains in an EA. The paper shows the need for methods in the field of domain engineering supporting the design of a SOA. The main contribution of the article is an algorithm based modeling approach and a methodology to support service domain clustering. The clustering algorithms are using a model considering business processes, information systems and information system interfaces. The algorithm adopts network-centric approaches used in the field of social network analysis to define and/or identify service domain clusters in complex scenarios. The article summarizes a case study in a globally operating company and closes with a conclusion. The article is organized by chapters addressing context, objective, approach, case, results and lessons learned.

Journal of Enterprise Architecture

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