Making use of a Target Technical Architecture to Support Acquisition Business Decisions

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Enterprise architecture (EA) documents current conditions, future visions, and the transition plan between them. It pertains to and encompasses one or all of the following: programs, offices, segments, solutions, departments, lines of business, and agencies. IT acquisition management (ITAM) includes the set of tasks required to accomplish the directed and funded efforts to provide a new, improved, or continuing information system or services capability to satisfy a business need. Thus, an EA contains business operation information for decision support and communication and informs decision-makers about what technology to acquire and when. This article illustrates how a technical architecture can both provide a clear picture of the technical goals that lie ahead for the enterprise, as well as providing decision support to selecting and acquiring a product that will help satisfy the organizational requirements and scheduling needs.


Enterprise Architecture, Technical Architecture, Acquisitions, DoD Architecture Framework

About the authors

Russell S. Boyd is a Senior Manager in the Deloitte Consulting Technology, Strategy, and Architecture Service Line. His focus is on developing the methods and offerings for the Deloitte Federal approach to Enterprise Architecture & Investment.

Brian Boynton is a Senior Consultant in the Deloitte Consulting Technology, Strategy, and Architecture Service Line. He is currently the Enterprise Architect on a major federal acquisition program where he is focused on supporting interoperability amongst different architecture tools to promote a more seamless integration between Enterprise Architecture and Software Engineering.


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