Metaphor as an Inference from Sign

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Barie Fez-Barringten


Metaphor “sign inferences establish that there is a relationship between two factors, so that one can be predicted from knowledge of the other. This relationship is called correlation”. While metaphor states one is the other, has characteristics of the other and informs one of the other their likeness is not apparent, is seemingly unrelated and yet has an essence common to both. The parallels between effective and literary reasoning reveal the technical and conceptual metaphor’s science. Using both literary and architectural cases the metaphor explains the two realities they diversely express and therefore we learn how the metaphor works when it is a sign which correlates and not a form which causes. This article cites only one of the nineteen scientists from A. Ortony’s, Metaphor and thought honing in on the work of George Lakoff, an American cognitive linguist and professor of linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley.

Journal of Enterprise Architecture

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