Rethinking our Enterprise Architecture Principles

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Mark Meyers


This past recessionary decade has forced many of us to narrow the focus of our respective Enterprise Architecture (EA) programs and concentrate on delivering value to our Information Technology (IT) leadership teams. It was not a time where we typically reshaped our EA programs, expanded into business areas of EA, or considered how other critical guidance documents like EA Principles might need to be updated. Based on recent Fortune 500 CEO surveys and published business articles, we may need to start thinking about changes to multiple aspects of our EA programs. As suggested by these CEO comments, business and IT organizations need to become more closely aligned than ever before. While our EA programs are specifically intended to enable exactly this form of close alignment, many of our building block EA documents including principles are often written with a focus on IT and technology. Intentional or not, the perception of what those principles represent will need to change. We should be putting our best business foot forward with CEOs and business leaders, and Enterprise Architecture Principles may be one best place to start.

Journal of Enterprise Architecture

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