The Zachman Framework Populated with Baseball Models

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Terry Bahil, Rick Botta, Jesse Daniels


Frameworks help people organize integrated models of their enterprises. This organization helps ensure interoperability of systems and helps control the cost of developing systems. The Zachman framework for enterprise architecture is a six by six classification schema, where the six rows represent different perspectives of the enterprise and the six columns illustrate different aspects. To ensure a complete and holistic understanding of the enterprise architecture, it is necessary to develop models that address the perspectives and aspects that constitute the rows and columns, respectively, of the framework. In this paper, a Zachman framework is populated with models for Baseball. These models should be easy to understand without a steep learning curve. Most of the cells in this example are filled with quantitative simulatable models that have been published in peer-reviewed journal papers. The other cells are filled with simple thought models. Jacques Barzun (1954) wrote, “Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball, the rules and realities of the game. From the perspective of the Zachman framework, the way to lean Baseball is to define the models within the framework, as presented in this paper.

Journal of Enterprise Architecture

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