Demystifying Enterprise Architecture

Oscar Berg: You might think that it sounds quite pretentious for someone to call oneself Enterprise Architect (at least if you don’t see yourself as one of them). Well, I don’t blame you if you do. The term Enterprise Architect easily leads one’s thoughts to someone who architects an entire enterprise from scratch or who orchestrates every wink and turn of an enterprise as a sort of puppy master. Such a conception is course wrong. The Enterprise Architects are cogs in the enterprise wheel just as all others – they are only different in the sense that they have been assigned the responsibility to observe the complete machinery and keep track of the different parts and how they relate to each other. But also to envision how new or changing requirements and constraints – big or small, few or many, dramatic or subtle – will need to change the enterprise and its different but yet often very tightly related parts.

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Date added: 07/31/2018

Enterprise Architecture   

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