The Dragon1 Software Company develops and markets enterprise software worldwide to design, communicate and report enterprise architecture combined with management information. Dragon1 EA Tool is a Cloud / web based EA Tool for creating visual architecture products (such as A0 sized blueprint posters, design books) mainly to support decision-making by Board and management. Dragon1 is an EA Tool to be used not only by architects, but also by Business, IT and information managers, information analysts, process designers, consultants, program – and project managers, service managers and project workers. Dragon1 consists of six web applications (Resource Center, Architecture Repository, Visual Designer, Models Atlas, Catalog and Application Manager). Dragon1 is suitable for LMEs and SMEs, and is Framework/Method-independent. AOffcourse it is optimized for working with the open Dragon1 EA Method, But you can use it excellent for working with Togaf, ArchiMate, BPMN, UML, Lean, Business Canvas Model etc… because of specialized Content Packages. Dragon1 can be used with Safari, Google Chrome, IE8, IE9 and Firefox. In IE8 the tool makes use of VML, in all the other browsers SVG is used as open vector graphics language. It is recommend to use the tool in a SVG-compliant for interoperability purposes and graphics performance. Dragon1 can be used as SaaS, IaaS and PaaS in the Cloud. You can have a your own Dragon1-database on the web or at your own premises to use with the tool. You can create active links from and to data in your own local database in the Dragon1 EA Tool.

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Date added: 11/09/2013

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