Enterprise Architecture in Denmark – Trends in business driven IT within the public sector of Denmark

Flemming Hald’s Master Thesis, CBS, 2006. Enterprise Architecture – often referred to as business oriented use of IT or simply put EA – has been an issue within the public domain at State level for some time now. It is often used in conjunction with another popular acronym, SOA, Service-Oriented Architecture. The intentions of EA in public Denmark has been formulated through a white book and the Ministry of Finances are talking about the strategic use of IT in the public domain. This thesis sets out by analyzing the maturity of the municipalities and the State of this matter. It does so by describing the EA activities within the public domain. These are described based on a comprehensive survey made within the field targeted towards the municipal CIO’s. I reach the conclusion that the municipalities not are at a mature state in regard to the awareness, propagation and use of enterprise architecture. I reach the conclusion that the State is however more mature in this area. But there is something missing in the way the public is structured in order to move Denmark upward the maturity ladder and to support, coordinate and communicate EA efforts throughout the entire public sector. The answer lies in the organizational structure. From my research I propose the establishment of an Enterprise Architecture Committee as a central actor in carrying out all EA initiatives throughout public Denmark. This newly formed committee will be in close connection with already established and well functioning councils and committees. Representatives of the most important actors will be part of this committee thus carrying weight and influence behind its initiatives and suggestions.

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