Partitioned-Iterative more appropriate for EA than Zachman, TOGAF?

Johan Strandler   

Johan Strandler, InfoQ, 26 July 2007. System complexity is the key reason for the many failures of IT organizations to deliver what they are supposed to do, said Roger Sessions, ObjectWatch CTO. In May, Sessions published an indepth comparison of the top four current Enterprise Architecture frameworks Zachman, TOGAF, FEA, and Gartner’s methodology, and in a separate article this July he stated that the methods have not evolved to meet the compexity of today’s system development & business needs. Instead Sessions says that “the key is thinking small, partitioning the organization into narrowly defined areas of business need, instead of attempting to define the architecture for the entire company”; then, build out these features in an iterative fashion, showing early value and success in the EA project. Sessions last year proposed this new methodology, calling it the Partitioned-Iterative Approach to Enterprise Architecture, a process drawn from the lessons of probability theory and war strategy.

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