Systems Engineering, Architecture Frameworks and Modelling and Simulation

The international standard for systems engineering ISO/IEC 15288 Systems Engineering Life Cycle Processes receives more and more attention; probably due to an increasing need for a common framework within the systems engineering community. For example; NATO has decided that ISO/IEC 15288 shall be the framework for Systems Life Cycle Management (SLCM). Architectural Frameworks is sometimes regarded as the necessary communication tool of system design when stakeholders communicate what the systems are, the purpose they fulfil, and what the systems elements are. Department of Defence (DoD), NATO, Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Swedish Armed Forces to mention a few, all develop Architectural Frameworks. Modelling & Simulation is the silver bullet that will make systems engineering more efficient with respect to delivering the right systems; within budget and time limits. The present paper will give a brief introduction to ISO/IEC 15288, Architectural Frameworks and MS. It will also present an example on how ISO/IEC 15288, Architectural Frameworks and MS can be integrated and the benefits of that integration, especially how MS can be used to develop and execute system designs. Finally this paper gives a very short presentation of some ideas concerning tool support. The presented work was performed under contract from the Swedish Defence Material Administration.

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Date added: 02/24/2018

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