The Essential Project

The goal of The Essential Project is to promote the value that enterprise architecture can bring to organisations of all sizes and experience by lowering barriers to entry with a free, simple, productive and, most importantly, effective set of supporting tools. The Essential Project is the collective name for a set of open source, enterprise architecture support tools that have been developed for use in conjunction with a variety of Enterprise Architecture approaches and frameworks. The reason for the name is that these tools are focused solely on providing only those capabilities that are “essential” to maximising the value of enterprise architecture; helping organisations manage and analyse the knowledge needed to make decisions that impact or are impacted by the enterprise architecture. More specifically, the components that currently comprise the Essential Project are: The Essential Meta-Model, a framework-independent set of semantic definitions for knowledge related to the building blocks and relationships of an enterprise. The Essential Architecture Manager, a knowledge repository and reporting tool for capturing and then querying information based on the Essential Meta-Model.

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Date added: 06/13/2011

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