The Last Mile Of Your Digital Transformation

Ranga Rajagopalan   

Containers and cloud infrastructure have become the primary focus for CIOs and CTOs. A Gartner article revealed that containers and infrastructure are two of the top three strategic initiatives for IT organizations (the third is a connective fabric, which I will discuss momentarily). Enterprises are sinking massive amounts of resources into “containerization” and migration programs, but to what end? Modern architectures and infrastructure are just the tools in achieving your digital transformation; however, many organizations are adopting technology for technology’s sake. An article on the Chef blog by Julian Dunn brilliantly articulates this problem, pointing out the haphazardness in the early days of virtualization and providing guidance for those seeking to adopt containers today. Instead of checking all the boxes for containers or clouds, enterprises need to strategize on how to use those tools and, more importantly, focus on what they are building with those tools. Only then can enterprises complete their digital transformation.

Published in 2017

Publisher: Forbes

Date added: 09/04/2017


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